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I have been an Artisan Ceramist for 8 years. My workshop has recently been established in Haren in the Netherlands.

I come from general training in the plastic arts and Fine Arts. These studies allowed me to enrich myself culturally. In 2015 I headed towards professional training as a ceramist with Ariane Coissieux, Master Artisan. It was during this that I had a fabulous encounter with enamel.

In January 2016 I started full-time to make ceramics my career.

Technically I research and make my enamels because it fascinates me. I use sandstone from Saint Amand in Puisaye. I compose my enamels like imaginary landscapes. An invitation to travel to unknown places.

To know more : My pieces are made entirely by hand and in the traditional way. I turn my pieces on a potter's wheel to create the shape. I turn them to work on the foot. They go into the oven for the first time at 980°. Then comes the glazing with a ladle, by dipping or with brushes. I design my enamels using raw materials (Silica, Kaolin, Talc, Feldspar, Chalk, Plant ashes...) and oxides (Iron, Copper, Chrome, Ochre, Basalt...). To finish, my pots are placed in the oven a second time up to 1270° for more than 10 hours of cooking, they are thus vitrified.

My pieces are utilitarian, they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

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