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Collaboration with Paul Pointud, photographer and dronist.


Photographer: Paul Pointud

Paul came to see me one day with this idea in mind, to make these photos dialogue with my ceramics. We then hatched three points of view: Rain, Lace and Foam.

A composition between landscapes, materials, curves and lights.


Inspirational shoot organized by Laurie, wedding and event planner at Bleu de Minuit.

Photographer: Yoris Photographer

Florist: Ammi Flowers

Stationery: Zoe Zephyyr

Grazing food: The Dinette of Mango

The couple: Adele and Quentin

Wedding dress: Eleanor Pauc

Clothing: Wild White


Collaboration with Maison Sunrise.

Photographer: Sunrise over Sea

Maison Sunrise highlights craftsmanship by offering exclusive collections.


Collaboration with Beverly from Lum Creations

Photographer: Beverly Decreus and Marine Feuillerat

Beverly creates natural and scented candles based on soy wax and fragrances from Grasse. Its candles are handmade in the Landes.


Collection shoot organized by Pauline d'Atelier Septembre and Fiona du Grenier de Mon Coeur.

Photographer: Sebastien Billant

Plant structure: September workshop

Staging : The Attic of My Heart

soin de soi juin 2019-17_02.jpg

Collaboration with Soin de Soi.

Photographer: Celine Lescure

Soin de Soi is a brand of 100% natural, artisanal and organic cosmetics.


Inspirational shoot organized by Manon, wedding and event planner at Made Organisation.

Photographer: Camille Brignol and Leila Imbert

Decoration: The Scenographer

Florist: Tacca Libourne

Foodtruck: Miss Pipelette

Stationery/Stickers: Delicate Paper

Wooden objects: Marlene Wood Creation

Fruit juices: Les Jolies Flacons

Basque beer: Bob Beer

Wedding Dress: Plum Brides. Costume: Workshop 5

Jewelry: Poe Jewelry

The couple: Alizé and Pierre

Location: Among the ferns in Sare.


Inspirational shoot organized by Johanna, wedding designer at Au Coeur du Détail.

Photographer: Marine Marques

Florist: Or vegetal

Bottle holder: Legnovini

Scenography: At the Heart of the Detail

Location: Orion Castle

Les pépés-91.jpg

Inspirational shoot organized by Églantine, wedding planner at Les Cocottes Events.

Photo and Video : Les Pépés Wedding

Florist: Floral Workshop

Stationery / Jewelry : Hélène Ripoll

Dress: Anna Dautry

Costume: The apieceur -Tailor-made-

Location: Parentis-en-Born

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